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The Ongoing Evolution: The Primary Care Compensation Puzzle

The  Ongoing  Evolution  The  Primary  Care  Compensation  Puzzle Web

Primary care physicians (PCPs) are the backbone of the healthcare industry, but their contributions have been improperly valued for years. Apathy toward PCPs is evident in the lack of innovative compensation models and resulting supply shortage. This group of physicians is critical to the value-based revolution. Changes across the industry require hospitals, systems, and physician groups to adjust how they deploy and incentivize PCPs. The industry forces that drive these changes require adoption of a robust value-based strategy to survive.

This webinar recording highlights the tactics innovative health systems are using to prepare and thrive under the future state of healthcare. The discussion includes structures, case studies, statistics, and more to illustrate how a value-based compensation approach for PCPs can unlock their true value.

If you have any questions following the webinar or want to learn more about value-based compensation, reach out the ECG team today.

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