Should You Put Your Advanced Practice Providers on Physician-Type Compensation Plans?

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Medical groups are wondering if the time has come to put their Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) on value-based compensation plans partially subject to performance and productivity measures. Could that be the right move for you?

Traditionally, medical groups have compensated APPs differently from physician providers. APPs have been left out of the shift to value-based, quality-focused compensation models in favor of simpler, flat salaries.

But the world of healthcare is not as simple as it once was: new challenges and requirements are making medical groups and organizations consider moving their APPs to physician-type compensation plans.

Consider that a group with 1,500 providers could have hundreds of APPs who have direct, measurable impacts on patient experience, as well as other factors that affect reimbursement and revenue. In fact, their impact in this area is primed to skyrocket as a significant shortage of physicians increases over the next decade. All of this is happening as healthcare organizations struggle to bring down the total cost of care and increase accountability among providers.

The net result is a rising interest in infusing quality of care and service into future compensation for APPs. The good news is that such a shift can bring benefits to medical providers: it has real potential to decrease the cost of care while expanding capacity to provide care.

But is such a shift really worth the effort? And if it is, how should organizations structure this change to maximize the benefits and minimize or eliminate any potential downsides?

Those are the questions this paper will address.

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