Revenue Cycle Optimization

We find gaps in your financial performance and provide customized solutions that will keep your revenue cycle performing at a high level.

If your organization is like most across the healthcare system, stagnant or reduced reimbursement is mangling your margins. When revenue streams are constrained, so is your ability to execute critical functions and strategic initiatives. As a result, it has become ever more important for hospitals and physician practices to keep their revenue cycle spinning by collecting fees due, and in a cost-effective way.

Optimizing your revenue cycle means looking beyond the billing office. It requires looking across your entire enterprise. After all, financial performance is not strictly a financial issue. It is a strategic, operational, and technological issue as well—and ECG brings deep expertise in each of these areas to every client engagement. Our technical skills allow us to dig deep into the weeds of your revenue cycle while our strategic approach ensures we're keeping our eyes on the forest.

By exercising a comprehensive approach to optimization and working closely with your people, processes, and technology, we develop a complete picture of your organization's financial performance. More importantly, we're able to design strategies and solutions that improve this performance while also preserving your organization's mission, vision, and strategic initiatives.

ECG’s revenue cycle optimization services include:

  • Revenue cycle assessment.
  • Future-state design and process optimization.
  • Performance improvement planning and support.
  • Patient accounting system evaluation and optimization.
  • Management services organization development.
  • Provider-based billing transition support.
  • Insourcing/outsourcing transition planning.
  • Vendor contract negotiation/renegotiation and management.

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