Planning for the Future in Oncology Care: A Framework for Your Team

Planning For The Future In Oncology Care A Framework For Your Team W Eb

ECG recently sat down with a number of leaders from cancer centers to discuss the core issues that oncology programs are facing. Despite differences in geography, hospital size, and setting (academic versus community), several consistent themes emerged—pointing to shared top-of-mind issues that oncology providers are grappling with today. This article shares key learnings from our recent conversations as well as our insights regarding the future of the business of oncology and how your organization can proactively prepare.

The Here-and-Now Issues

1. Balancing Reimbursement Pressures and Rising Costs

2. Redefining Access to Meet the Rise of Consumerism in Cancer Care

Next-Level Issues

3. Keeping Pace with Innovation and Evolving Cancer Medicine

4. Preparing for a Value-Based Future

Framework: A Stratified Mind-Set

Oncology medicine is rapidly advancing. Emerging research continues to highlight radical changes to improve cancer diagnosis and treatment, and innovative technologies are expanding access to cancer services to broader patient populations. At the same time, cancer organizations are increasingly grappling with reimbursement pressures, high and rising treatment costs, and other barriers to providing accessible and affordable care. On a day-to-day basis, many cancer programs are encumbered with immediate pressures that we call “here and now” issues. But perhaps more importantly, oncology programs must balance the here and now while preparing to navigate “next level” challenges, such as immunotherapy. Although funding and acceptance of next-level treatments are still uncertain, more complex strategies and programming tactics will inevitably be needed to shepherd in a new era of cancer care.

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