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How to Initiate Technical Assistance Projects with MassHealth

How To Initiate Technical Assistance Projects With Mass Health Web

MassHealth has created a Technical Assistance (TA) program enabling accountable care organizations (ACOs) and community partners (CPs) to receive funding for initiatives that strengthen their capabilities to support MassHealth members. As the nature of the funding is “use it or lose it,” we recommend that ACOs and CPs ask themselves the following questions to identify one or more projects that can use the TA funds:

  • In what ways does our organization want to develop or enhance its capabilities in support of MassHealth members?
  • How do those goals align with the competency areas and domains for the MassHealth DSRIP TA program?
  • What defined projects can we pursue that would qualify our organization to use TA funds?

Once you have determined which projects you’re interested in pursuing, we’ve found that the most effective and efficient way to initiate work is as follows:

Once you’ve initiated your project, work with your TA vendor to ensure deliverables are completed based on the timeline you’ve defined and quarterly reports are submitted to MassHealth regarding the progress made. Hopefully between receiving support from MassHealth, Abt Associates, and your TA vendor, you’ll have a positive experience that supports the important work you’re doing every day.

Learn more about ECG’s participation in the MassHealth DSRIP TA Program.

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