Health System Strategic Diagnostic

Rapidly assess your organization’s overall strategic readiness across three key imperatives that define success in healthcare—today and in the future.

In years past, health system delivery networks have been principally designed around the hospital its reimbursement model. With 95% of healthcare encounters now occurring in the ambulatory environment, and as the funding and care delivery environment continues to evolve, health systems must be able to organize and execute across three key strategic imperatives: growth, experience, and value.

Hs Diagnostic Strategic Enablers And Imperatives

These imperatives are supported by an effective organizational and governance model, a strong culture, essential investments in technology and informatics, and the financial strength to invest in the future. To best position themselves, health systems must routinely assess their current strategic position against these imperatives and strategic enablers.

ECG’s strategic diagnostic allows health systems to undertake a rapid self-assessment, with input from system/hospital leadership, physician leaders, and board members. Our experts couple this qualitative tool with an independent review of key performance metrics that evaluate an organization’s market position, quality, and financial performance metrics to help pinpoint areas for improvement, redesign, and optimization.

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