Applying analytic rigor and business insights to achieve strong financial performance.


As the healthcare system continues to transform, organizations face new challenges, as well as opportunities. To survive in the emerging paradigm, it has never been more important for hospital and health system leaders to develop a clear vision and direction for their organizations.

ECG’s financial advisory services help move organizations from vision to action. We not only help you articulate your vision for the future, we put it through rigorous analysis, modeling, and testing to ensure it’s the right plan for your organization.

Our Services Include:
Financial Advisory Service

The future of your organization depends on having a clear vision and a well thought out financial plan. Our consultants possess the in-depth expertise and critical understanding of the strategic, operational, financial, technological, and political implications involved in business planning.

Our financial planning services include:

  • New program development.
  • Investments in facilities and technology.
  • Ambulatory/outreach services and facilities.
  • Joint ventures.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Other business relationships/transactions.

How informed your healthcare organization is will help determine how successful it can be. ECG's annual surveys on provider compensation, hospital and provider reimbursement, and healthcare and medical group costs provide the most current and accurate market data for our survey participants and clients.

We also design and conduct customized surveys that provide clients with access to data that is either more in-depth than what is available from other industry sources, or not available at all.

Managing the complex reimbursement models of commercial and government payers is increasingly absorbing hospital resources, with no assurances that contracts will lead to financial stability. The previous models and tools that served organizations need to be revisited, and contracting decisions must now account for value-based reimbursement and clinical integration. Our team is continually honing its strategic and technical skills to successfully usher clients through reimbursement strategies, price negotiations, and methodology changes to ensure maximum reimbursement and financial health.

Healthcare reimbursement models are transitioning from volume to value, and organizations are pursuing greater clinical and financial integration with physician partners. How health systems choose to respond to this transition and the compensation models they employ will significantly affect their ability to recruit and retain high-quality providers, align behaviors with organizational strategy, and ultimately thrive in a value-based world.

The economics of healthcare are quickly changing. The evolving laws and regulations governing hospital/physician relationships require financial arrangements to reflect these changes and stand up to greater scrutiny. This creates a complex web of factors that must be considered when entering into financial arrangements—and health systems and providers are finding more questions than answers.


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A New Road to Value-Based Payments for Primary Care Providers

There are two new PCI payment arrangements for primary care physicians (PCPs) to choose between: Primary Care First (PCF) and Direct Contracting (DC).


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