Digital Service Offerings

ECG’S digital health experts help healthcare providers develop and execute a comprehensive digital transformation that understands data as a strategic asset and enables organizations to use it to improve business processes, patient experiences, and outcomes.

Dh Services

Value Realization
  • Performance Management Capabilities for Quality and Safety
  • Financial Planning and Economic Benefit Modeling
  • Learning Organization (Change Management)
  • Regulatory Guidance, Reimbursement, and Revenue
  • Cycle Management
  • Implementation Services
Digital Organization Design
  • Business Planning (Telehealth, Remote Patient Monitoring [RPM], DFD, New Ventures, etc.)
  • Technology, Infrastructure, and Application Portfolio Design
  • Strategy and Investment
  • Workforce Planning
  • Partnership and Strategic Initiatives
  • Regulatory and Policy Management
Advance Analytics
  • Data Governance and Infrastructure
  • AI, Machine Learning, and Real-Time Analytics
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Privacy and Cybersecurity
  • Personalized Actionable Insights
Consumer/Patient Engagement
  • Personalized Experience (Personas, Patient Journey Mapping)
  • Integrated Virtual Nursing Care Model
  • Patient- and Staff-Centric Care Delivery Models
  • Digital Transformation and Optimization

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