Developing a Modern Orthopedic Destination Program

Developing A Modern Orthopedic Destination Program Web

For a clear picture of the changes affecting healthcare organizations today, look no further than the orthopedic service line. A microcosm of broader trends, orthopedics has been ground zero for innovation and transformation. As hospitals see more and more orthopedic surgical cases moving to outpatient and ambulatory sites of care, they risk losing not only a significant proportion of surgical volume and revenue, but also surgeons, who may find their time is better spent focusing on building a practice outside of the hospital. “Destination centers” focused on high-volume inpatient surgical procedures will no longer be enough to differentiate your organization from your competitors. The need for outpatient and ambulatory sites, as well as investments in telemedicine and digital health solutions, are redefining what it means to be a true destination for care and may be the key to redefining the orthopedics landscape in a given region.

Patients are seeking convenience and value, and payers are rewarding alternative sites of care for cost savings through bundled payment programs. Success will come from pursuing new strategies and broadening the definition of what it will take to build a destination program.

With the tremendous changes facing orthopedics, the stakes—and opportunities—are at an inflection point.

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