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Healthcare facility development projects have unique requirements based on factors ranging from geography and demographics to specific regulatory requirements for the facility or clinical service line affected. Many projects require significant capital investment, so ensuring dollars are spent responsibly and efficiently will help guarantee a project’s success and position an organization for long-term success.

ECG’s facility and capital asset planning team is experienced in collaborating with organizations to define success criteria, develop a range of viable solutions, and ultimately deliver projects that meet the demands of an increasingly complex and competitive healthcare environment. We focus on the business, operations, and implementation decisions that have the greatest impact on patient care. We partner with expert engineers and architects to help our clients navigate the critical design and construction decisions that will play a part in achieving their organizational goals.

At its core, facility planning is organizational change management. For patients, family members, physicians, and staff, a new facility provides the opportunity for redefining the patient experience and should enable new levels of service, efficiency, quality, and satisfaction. As organizations look to undertake a facility development project, they need a trusted adviser to help them move through each stage of the facility development continuum (depicted in figure 1 below). We guide our clients through this process—from conceptual vision to first patient and beyond—and we are their partner through the development and execution of a solution tailored to their organization’s unique situation.

Figure 1: Facility Development Continuum

High Level Overview Of Facility Dev Continuum

We help our clients keep projects on track and realize their vision for improved patient care. We have participated in campus planning for the entire range of hospital/health system settings, from quaternary-care campuses and academic medical centers, including freestanding children’s hospitals and pediatric hospitals-in-a-hospital, to public and community hospitals, as well as critical access and micro-hospital facilities. By taking advantage of our extensive pool of subject matter experts, we combine capital asset knowledge with clinical service line, operations, payer innovation, and information technology expertise.

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