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Build a Successful EHR Superuser Program with These Six Steps [Checklist]

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Most organizations recognize the benefits of a superuser program and have a desire to create one. Before you begin to build the program, assess whether your organization has gaps that can be filled by implementing a superuser program or identifying opportunities for improvement for existing programs. Below are the major benefits of a superuser program.

  • Increases communication during implementation, upgrades, or workflow changes
  • Permits regular involvement in optimization initiatives
  • Bridges the gap between end users and information technology (IT)
  • Provides a go-to for end users
  • Allows for thorough end-user testing
  • Identifies key improvement areas

The following checklist takes you through six actionable steps for building your superuser program:

Successful superuser programs are a result of dedicated resources and thoughtful planning to ensure structure, consistency, and follow-through. Program accomplishments often depend on leadership’s level of engagement, creating a trickle-down effect, which can be seen on an organizational or departmental level. The key to success is strong and dedicated leadership committed to creating the infrastructure and providing support for a robust superuser program.

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