Avoiding a Compliance and Coding Tug-of-War At Your Practice

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Medical Economics

Developing a coding and compliance infrastructure that is both appropriately sized and equipped can be tricky for many independent and hospital-based physician groups. The tug-of-war that occurs when trying to maximize revenue without compromising compliance with professional fee billing can be daunting, especially when placing equal focus on productivity and performance.

In some cases, just bringing this topic to the forefront of discussions with clinical and management teams can be problematic, as coding and compliance specialists may be viewed as impediments to productivity. However, with the preponderance of recovery audit contractor (RAC) audits, complexity of ICD-10 coding, and changes in payer reimbursement policies, many organizations are now realizing the importance of enhancing their coding infrastructure to ensure success.

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This article was originally published by Medical Economics. Aug 27, 2018