Advancing to Team-Based Care in the Ambulatory Enterprise

Advancing To Team Based Care In The Ambulatory Enterprise Web

It is often said that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. In working groups, team performance can be much greater than the sum of each individual’s performance. In healthcare, improved performance is gained when providers are organized into groups — teams of clinicians and other staff working toward defined outcomes and processes.

Typically, inpatient-team-based care functions well, but the physician office often remains hierarchical, with the physician in a commanding role. The historical burden of all decision-making and the discretionary delegation of tasks flowing through physicians contributes to increasing administrative duties, leading to burnout. Nearly half of physicians report burnout.

Team-based care presents a fundamental shift away from the physician-centric model by promoting all team members to work at the top of their license and capabilities to meet patients’ needs. Healthcare providers who advance to a team-based care model in the ambulatory setting enjoy higher staff satisfaction and retention. Team-based care’s stronger focus on preventive care, wellness and continuity of care allows organizations to be well positioned for value-based payments. Understanding the value proposition, fundamental characteristics and key enablers of team-based care is vital when considering it in your organization.

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This article was first published by MGMA on December 15, 2020.