Webinar Navigating the opportunities in cardiology and ASCs

Navigating the opportunities in cardiology and ASCs

As the US healthcare system continues to grapple with the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic, facilities are reopening for elective procedures, leading to more opportunities to enhance access to services in the outpatient setting. However, healthcare providers face limitations on providing timely access to elective cardiovascular (CV) care. The risk of COVID-19 exposure and implications on morbidity and mortality can accelerate site-of-service transitions for CV procedures. Recent pronouncements by CMS are accelerating these opportunities and are expected to result in sustainable long-term trends in CV care delivery. During our upcoming workshop on cardiology and ASCs, Naya Kehayes, Principal, and Sean Hartzell, Associate Principal, discuss current trends in CV procedures and surgery migration, reimbursement considerations, and implications on strategy and hospital-physician alignment