Webinar Future Generations Will Value "Wellness" over "Healthcare"

Future Generations Will Value “Wellness” over “Healthcare”

The shift in the consumer demographic majority from Baby Boomers to younger generations (Millennials and Generation Z) will precipitate distinct behaviors, service demands, and convenience expectations that will fuel a shift toward valuing wellness over healthcare. Younger generations are expected to question the established principles of medical care and demand greater attention to their own definitions of health-related quality of life than their elders.

This panel discussion explores what this means for the future of healthcare and how savvy health systems can shift focus from health to wellness to meet changing consumer lifestyles and preferences.

In this session we:

  • Discuss how changing generational demographics will drive consumer behaviors and preferences around health and wellness.
  • Learn what actions health systems should be taking to prepare for the shift from healthcare to wellness.

Guest panelists include:

  • Mikelle Moore, Senior VP and Chief Community Health Officer at Intermountain Healthcare
  • Doug Goldstein, Digital Health Leader for Agile Digital Transformations
  • Brent Asplin, MD, MPH, President at Village MD

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