Webinar The US Healthcare Provider Economic Model Is in Critical Condition

The US Healthcare Provider Economic Model Is in Critical Condition

Health systems and provider organizations are experiencing significant financial pressure, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, while historical market forces continue to create serious challenges. Despite reform efforts that have seen mixed results, the march toward value-based care will go on. The path forward will be arduous, as we believe the current system is too costly, complex, and fragmented to remain viable.

ECG’s We Believe series offers strategic perspectives on the changing dynamics of the US healthcare system. In this webinar, ECG principal Andy Bachrodt discusses the tenuous state and future of the US healthcare provider economic model and what executives must do to guide their organizations toward a sustainable position of financial health.

Key learning objectives for this webinar include the following:

  • Review and understand the foundational challenges in the US healthcare delivery and funding model.
  • Define ECG’s perspective on the evolution of value-based care and industry readiness for the move to a true population health model.
  • Discuss the strategies that support the four key imperatives health systems must address:
    • Own the consumer relationship.
    • Redesign the delivery network for high performance.
    • Optimize operations and cost structure.
    • Optimize revenue structure.
  • Share lessons learned from participant organizations and their path forward

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