Webinar Don’t Grow It Alone: Expand Your Health System's Regional Footprint without M&A

Don’t Grow It Alone: Expand Your Health System’s Regional Footprint without M&A

More than ever, adult-focused health systems are looking for sustainable, shared-risk partnerships with established freestanding children’s hospitals in their region. Many health systems are seeking partnerships that are more meaningful than a transactional relationship that is defined by a series of purchased service agreements but stops short of “outsourcing” and yielding full control to the children’s hospital. At the same time, children’s hospitals are increasingly looking to expand their regional footprint to improve access to care, promote their brand, and thwart competitors in order to compete on a national stage.

This webinar covers a range of models that can align the strategic and financial interests of an adult-focused health system with those of freestanding children’s hospitals. These models address components such as governance and oversight, physician alignment, financial structure, and payer-related strategies.