Webinar The Health System of the Future: A Model

The Health System of the Future: A Model

There are many perspectives and publications on the “Hospital of the Future,” but few, if any, provide a system perspective. This hospital-centric view often ignores most of the factors that are already driving services, activity, and revenue to new and different care environments, and will do so increasingly over the next decade. The forces driving this shift are well known, but their downstream implications are seemingly not. In this presentation ECG principals Jeff Hoffman and Scott Cullen, MD explore these downstream effects and set out a transformational model based on seven pillars that allow a viable Health System of Future to deliver new capabilities that manage costs and improve outcomes for defined populations.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop an understanding of the forces and trends disrupting the current health system model.
  • Identify and examine drivers of the health system of the future, including patient centricity and value transparency.
  • Discuss strategies that leadership must consider to remain competitive.