Webinar Addressing Organizational Imperatives with a Comprehensive Digital Health Strategy

Addressing Organizational Imperatives with a Comprehensive Digital Health Strategy

Breakthroughs in technology allow healthcare providers to be more accessible to and engaged with their patients than ever before. The advantages that these innovations (virtual care, remote patient monitoring, secure messaging, etc.) provide, create an imperative for healthcare organizations to feature digital health as a foundational component of the overarching organizational strategic plans. Providers are increasingly using digital health to address patient access challenges, lower cost of care, understand the social determinants of health for their community, and as competitive response to associate their organization’s brand with consumer-centric values.

The presenters led a discussion showcasing Cone Health’s journey toward developing and executing an overarching digital health roadmap, key considerations, the value-proposition, and outcomes to date. The discussion outlined Cone’s approach from the development of a comprehensive telehealth strategy, building a primary care community consortium to address physician burnout, and scaling of digital health platforms for chronic disease management. The group hosted a dynamic discussion about the following components of establishing a digital health strategy:

Topics Covered

  • Developing a governance strategy to drive organizational consensus.
  • Operational challenges to scaling and related learnings.
  • Technology evaluation (including a build versus buy considerations).
  • Staffing and resource deployment.
  • Generating awareness and driving adoption.
  • Identifying expansion opportunities with innovative use cases.

Learning Objectives

  • Aligning organization-wide strategic imperatives with digital health health initiatives and create a comprehensive multi-year roadmap.
  • Maintaining cohesion between competing priorities, and transfer learnings, resources, and outcomes across multiple initiatives.
  • Reinforcing and enhancing organizational branding and internal mission around a patient-centered offering.