Webinar Enhancing Research Administration Efficiency

Enhancing Research Administration Efficiency

Join ECG’s Principal, Keith Graff, as he talks about Enhancing Research Administration Efficiency.

As research organizations continue to face cost pressures while enduring stable to falling research portfolios, it is more important than ever to focus on efficiency and maintaining service levels in research administration. The opportunity and challenge is to manage more efficiently while enhancing the levels of compliance within the organization. This session will highlight the recommended approach an institution should consider in assessing manual processes for automation, reviewing the administrative information systems and interfaces, evaluating certain process flows, and conducting benchmarking to peer institutions.

This webinar will discuss various elements required to enhance effectiveness, including developing a roles & responsibilities matrix, updating and creating supporting policies and procedures, assessing the reporting environment, and developing a training curriculum. Core to this discussion will be the importance of maintaining a culture of compliance in a lean environment.

Learning objectives

Have insight into the approach and findings from operational assessments across many research organizations;
Understand the options and importance of leveraging performance tools; and
Recognize the value of a comprehensive implementation plan as a key to operational success.